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Writing Romantic Fiction

With a Foreword by Joanna Trollope

Cover of Writing Romantic Fiction Romantic fiction, in which can be included many historical novels, is the best-selling, most-borrowed type of fiction. We have all experienced love at some time – it is a universal concept, and an incredibly powerful force. It has been the theme of legends and poetry and stories throughout history. Romantic novels provide enjoyment for millions of readers. Many readers go on to write their own romantic fiction. This book helps to pinpoint the particular skills and qualities required to succeed in a very special genre.

How To Books 1997 (ISBN 1-85703-466-X)

Writing Romantic Fiction – Chapter Headings

Sorting out your genres
Creating irresistable heroines
Inventing heroes your readers will love
Combining conflict and passion
Moving on the plot
Keeping the zing in the pace
Maintaining the suspense
Satisfying the senses
Researching the facts
Being businesslike

The book also contains a comprehensive Glossary, a list of Useful Addresses, pages of suggested Further Reading, and an Index.

'I found your book really helpful.' – from a fan.

'This is romantic novel writing for advanced students: all kinds of exciting ideas you mightn't have thought of, markets you might not have considered – including a lot of information about the American market. I liked the way she used case studies, tracing three people as they attempt to write a publishable novel, showing the problems and pitfalls they have to deal with. Lots of diagrams, well-illustrated examples and a lively style make this both reassuring and inspiring.' – Elizabeth Gill, Mslexia.

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